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Premium Sewer Scopes

With over 10 years of experience in the plumbing and drain inspection field, you'll get professional courtesy and an unbiased, honest opinion, as well as access to several local contractors to offer repair bids, if necessary.


Daytime Sewer Inspections Start at $150.00

Evening (After 5:00pm) & Weekends + $50.00



Inspections Include:

  • Professional and Friendly Service

  • Flexible and Reliable Scheduling

  • Digital Video of Inspection

  • Sewer Line Locating

  • Site Map

  • Site Pictures

  • Party Sewer Line Consulting

  • Recommendations for Repairs

  • Access to Network of Contractors

ToddScopes Owner

​Todd Evans

Call Todd now at 360-487-0761 to schedule a sewer scope!

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